1 bottle = RM 29.90

2 bottle = RM 56.00 (RM 28/unit)

3 bottle = RM 81.00 (RM 27/unit)

4 bottle = RM 104.00 (RM 26/unit)

5 bottle = RM 125.00 (RM 25/unit)

Delivery Charges :

WM = 1 bottle +RM 5 , 2 bottle above FOC

EM  = 1-5 bottle Fix Charges +RM 8/trip

  • Used for stainless steel , kitchen utensils, pan bottom , lampblack machine, stainless steel rust, burning marks, kitchen heavy oil stain stain, ceramic tile, toilet, electrical shell, etc.
  • The advanced nano friction factor is adopted instead of the surface. It has wide application scope, powerful decontamination, easy and effortless.
  • Usage: Just dip in a wet cloth or sponge and gently wipe the surface of kitchen utensils. Then wipe it with a clean cloth or rinse it with water.
  • Material: active agent, Silicon powder, essence

Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
2 2 RM28.00
3 3 RM27.00
4 4 RM26.00
5 5 RM25.00

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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