Natural Energizing Lamp


1. Relieve stress, give you a comfortable sleeping environment
The unique warm light emitted from this millions years marble, give you soft and natural atmosphere. It helps to avoid the harm from strong light to human body. It is very effective in alleviating work stress and anxiety. It also helps in providing an environment close to nature, ensuring good sleep.

2. Release magnetic energy, suppress radiation
All natural stones have their own magnetic energy. However most of them have different physiques, opaque, and their magnetic field energy is difficult to be released. The energy marble found in Ipoh, Perak contains glittering crystals, highly transparent and has the attributes of jade. The Natural Energizing Lamp is produced using this energy stone. Thus, it can release magnetic energy to balance out the external harm to our human body.

3. Unique natural stone lighting, dreamy and soft halo
Each and every Natural Energizing Lamp exude a unique halo. It is elegant. With a few Natural Energizing Lamps in your house, they help to create a warm, romantic and tranquil environment.

4. Ipoh natural jade stone, genuine wooden base, handmade
Made from 100% Ipoh natural jade stone (not synthetic stone), handmade by highly skilled stone grinding master, with genuine wooden base. Made of natural materials, use with peace of mind.

5. Placement
Suitable for office, bedroom, living room, besides desktop, doctor’s consultation room, spa, resting area, etc.
Note: Natural Energizing Lamp only used for leisure purpose, not for reading or lighting purpose.

6. Best gifts
Warm environment, improve relationship with one another, best gift for family, friends and your loved one.


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