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Product description

Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner is a biodegradable solution that can clean; remove dirt and stains on shoe. Can be use on all type of materials such as leather, vinyl, nylon, cotton mesh, canvas, suede and more. It doesn’t contain any harsh or abrasive chemical, and is 97% natural.

Basic Cleaning Steps

  1.  Wet the brush by dipping in water.
  2. Apply moderate amount of Ruler Premium Shoe Cleaner on the brush.
  3. Scrub shoe till foam appear and continue to scrub for few minutes.
  4. Wipe shoe with clean towel.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 to achieve desired condition.
  6.  Air Dry the shoe

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150ml Premium Shoe Cleaner Solution +
Standard Cleaning Brush

It helps you to maintain and condition your shoe.

-97% Natural made
-Biodegradable solution
-Does not contain harsh or abrasive chemical
-Can be use on all type of materials
-Great for cleaning & removing dirt on shoe
-Synthetic bristle brush

*Note : For premium materials cleaning such as premium
leather, cotton mesh, suede and other delicate materials.
We highly recommended the Premium Cleaning Brush
 for cleaning. It made from softer horse hairs which suited
to use on premium materials.